Hi, I’m Lena Anthony,

founder of Ellay Content.

I’ve been a writer, editor and content marketer for hire since 2011. Before that, I spent eight years at Hammock Inc., a Nashville, Tennessee-based custom media company, working as a writer, editor and de facto account manager. I’ve covered it all, from history to healthcare. I’ve probably interviewed every type of person, too—from Silicon Valley wunderkinds to hospital CEOs.

My writing career started while I was a student at Vanderbilt University. I majored in Human and Organizational Development and Spanish, but that’s not what I remember most about my time in school. Instead, it was the hours spent every week in “The Tunnel,” as a section editor for The Hustler (the student newspaper; not that other publication). Twice a week, we created something out of nothing in the limited time available between classes and studying and sleeping. This was sometimes stressful, usually fun and nothing short of a thrill.

These days, I’m not pulling all-nighters, pasting up my pages before the printer’s 2 a.m. deadline. But don’t worry, the passion’s all the same.

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