Lena Anthony, freelancer, is now Ellay Content

Rebrand alert! For the longest time (I.e. since I became a freelancer in 2011) I’ve simply operated in the business world as myself. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not exactly exciting. Not to mention, it got kind of weird when I had to fill in a form that included both “name” and “business name.”

When I became a freelancer, I had this dream of running a writing business called Happy Content. Get it? Happy and content are the same thing, and content is also what I create. I thought it was genius. But my plan fell apart when it came to the URL. It wasn’t available, in any .com configuration, which for some reason was important to me. (This is a story for another day, but I actually reached out to a woman in France offering to buy the happy-content URL from her. She responded with something like, “Is this real?” and then I never heard from her again.)

So I walked around for a very long time trying to come up with something else. Earlier this year, Ellay Content was born. It’s the phonetic spelling of my initials, and, perhaps more importantly, it was an available URL.