Detailing the DAR’s efforts to increase awareness of ‘forgotten’ Patriots

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve been writing for the Daughters of the American Revolution since 2005. Whenever I say that in mixed company, people always seem confused, but it makes a lot more sense when they find out the magazine is actually published in Nashville (by the company where I had my first job after college).

For the most recent issue—Jan/Feb 2022—I wrote a feature article about the DAR’s new initiative that dedicates time, money and research resources to uncovering more stories about the non-white-male participants in the Revolutionary War. It was fascinating to learn what sorts of strategies are required to help tell these stories and why it’s so important we know them. It’s not about changing the story of America’s founding. Rather, it’s about enhancing that story and making it complete.

Unfortunately, the article isn’t online, but here’s a glimpse of the opening. Just take my word for it—it’s a good one!